Woman Does Man’s Job

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Woman Does Man’s Job

(and Gets It Done!)

Judges Chapter 4:1-24

February 19, 2023

Val @ Renewal

The difference between “religious reformation” and “spiritual revival.” Reformation ____________ changes outward conduct while revival _____________ alters inward character. Matt. 12:43–45

The ruler will not be the __________, and the rescuer is not the ____________ple.

A Prophet is a spokesperson for _______ to the people

A Priest is a spokesperson for the ___________ to God.

God chose:

  • The perfect _______for us to follow
  • The _________ of His army
  • The ________ for the battle
  • The _______ of battle
  • To guarantee __________

Barak’ faith

He __________ to God at every stage of life, and in every circumstance.

Has courage in the face of odds that were humanly _____________

Humble and ______ honor-seeking. Philippians 2:6-8

Should we ______ or ________ Jael for what she did?

Her method is a clear violation of two of the Ten Commandments (she ____, and she_____).

Gen 18:2–8

This is a story about _______ – He uses the weaker things in order to confound the wise and mighty.

Barak:When we fail to trust God, and_________ assurance when God, in fact, has already spoken, we _________ on the opportunity to be used by him to the fullest extent.

Jael: God is able to incorporate the free activities of human beings_______ his plan for his own glory and for the salvation of his people.

When God wants to use us: We may not feel adequate to the task. We may feel that because of our past, God cannot use us. We may feel ungifted in what he is calling us to do. Regardless we need to be _________________.

It is not just this age of Scientific Reason that demands physical proof before we are willing to trust God. This account of Barak tells us that this has always been a problem

Too often, we need ____________ before we are willing to act. Romans 10:17; Hebrews 11:1

Faith is the noun, while Trust is the verb!

God’s provision has some _________________. James 1:5-8

Christianity is not a spectator sport; it requires involvement.

We must be willing to daily to Surrender All to Him!

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