The Song of Deborah & Barak

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Judges 5: The Song of Deborah & Barak

Verses 1-12:  Praise to God, and Deborah’s call to rise up and fight.

Verses 13-18:  The battle and who answered the call, and who did not.

Verses 19-23:  A celebration of victory, and a curse on the village, Meroz.

Verses 24-27: Introducing Jael, and how she defeated Sisera.

Verses 28-30: Images of the mother of Sisera, and mocking the assumed victory.

Verse 31:  Final declaration of victory and praise to God.

Steps to Renewing Your Trust in God

  1.  What enemy are you facing?
  2.  In what situation do you need to trust the Lord more?
  3.  Does your life show that you trust the Lord to win the battle over your enemies?
  4. How do you respond whenever the Lord delivers you from an enemy?
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