Gentile Who Saved Israel

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Gentile Who Saved Israel


Judges Series

Val @ Renewal Church

Judges 3:7-11 NIV


  • The Israelites did evil in the sight of the Lord. God defines this as worshiping other gods. Anything that comes before God in the pecking order of our life is an Idol and Idolatry is “_________________Adultery
  • They ___________ Yahweh their God.

In the Bible, “remembering” and “______________” have a spiritual significance.

“remember … your great mercy and love” Psalm 25:6

Do “not remember our sins” Isaiah 64:9

  • He is being asked to act according to his ____________________.
  • He or she is asking that God would not act on what he _______________.

The reason that the Israelites (like all of us) continually needed revival was because the truths about God that were once vibrant and real to them ___________ became unreal.

The remedy is to reverse our heart-forgetting is to ________________. 2 Peter 1:5-7; 2 Peter 1:9,12

How can we make sure we remember with our hearts as well as our heads?

  • Jesus has given us a visual image of what he has done for us— the ___________ _____________
  • Whenever we read the Bible, we should not only study it for content, but we should learn to __________________and reflect on it
  • Jesus intended the Lord’s Supper to be a _______________ event.

How Does God Brings Revival

Even in judging his people, God is acting kindly. If he had not brought about suffering and difficulty, the people would not have seen their ________ position.

He sends the Israelites suffering not simply to pay them back, but to _____________ them—he still does this for his people (1 Corinthians 11:32).

Repentance is ____________ for renewal and restoration.  

Ask yourself:

Why has this trouble come?

What flaws in us might God be revealing?

How might we need spiritual renewal?

Indwelling Spirit OT vs. NT Judges 3:10; Acts 4:31

God’s Gift of Deliverance (3:10b)

This was the secret of Othniel’s strength, (Zech. 4:6, NKJV)

Never underestimate the good that one person can do who is filled with the Spirit of God and obedient to the will of God.

  • Restoration and revival only come to God’s people when God works through his ____________ deliverer. We cannot force or fabricate revival—we can only cry out for God to save.
  • Salvation and peace rest on the ________________ of God’s judge.


Each cycle’s narrative works on two levels: a human plane and a divine plane.

  • In the larger context Othniel is the ___________ of the Israelites who are marrying unbelieving Canaanites
  • Othniel overcomes a __________________ that might be considered limiting
  • Othniel overcomes the ___________ of the oppressors.
  • Othniel performs this deliverance in tandem with Yahweh; they act as _______.
  • Othniel serves to bring ____________ the glory to God.

Today, God still acts to punish evil, but he has compassion on his people and will bring deliverance and rest.

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