Son of a King!

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Judges 9:1-57

Judges Series

Pastor Val @ Renewal

70 shekels = 34.57 LBS or 553.1 ozs at 24.94 as of May 1st = $13,794.21

Gideon killed fellow Israelites; now Abimelech murders his own ___________.

We are often far too easily impressed by qualities that are _______________ to God. 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9

First, in the ancient Near East kingship is self-destructive and _____________ of the very ones it is intended to protect.

Second, persons of honor engaged in constructive activity have no time for political agendas. They are too caught up in serving humanity, and so the rule often falls to the _________________ elements of society.

Third, rulers have a tendency to desire power for the worst reasons—their own narcissistic _______________.

Fourth, people tend to get the leaders they _________.

In the Book of Judges the issue is primarily _________and __________, not political.

Salt is to _______ or __________. Additionally, salt __________the action of yeast (leaven), and since leaven was a symbol of rebellion, salt could easily represent that which inhibited rebellion. Finally, salt is symbolic for that which is ____________. Lev 2:11–13

Is God _________? 

First, from a theological perspective, God is firmly in __________ of Israelite affairs whether or not they like it or acknowledge it.

Second, for the first time in Judges we observe God operating on the basis of “____________ and honesty” doing what is right and giving people what they have earned.

In the end Israel wins the war over Shechem, but Yahweh wins the war over his ___________.

Third, the seeds of apostasy in Gideon’s “reign” come to full ____________ in the life of his son. (Deut 17:14–20)

Fourth, this account offers another fascinating study in issues of ___________.

Deut. 19:10, 13; 21:9; 1 Kings 2:31; Prov. 6:17; Isa. 59:7; Jer. 7:6; 22:3, 17; Joel 3:19

Ps. 34:21; Prov. 21:12


God may have been silent, but he was not ____________. Romans 1:18

God’s judgment is not only reserved for a future day; but also a present ___________.

Three Truths about God’s Present Judgment:

  • It comes ___________.
  • It comes after a _________.
  • It comes through the ____________ of human sin.

Who did Tola rise to save Israel from? Tola saved Israel from _________ Judges 10:1-2

Humanity’s tendency is to quickly _________all the good that others (human or divine) may do for them.

Believers’ apostasy can never __________ God’s sovereignty.

Any leader who raises himself or herself up through evil processes can expect that the Lord will eventually bring ______________.

Our sins cannot be measured in a __________.

Steps to Renewal (Son of a King)

  1. What does this story say about God’s sovereignty?
  2. What risks do you think Jotham took in standing up to Abimelech and the people of Shechem?
  3. What risks have you had to take to stand up for what was right?
  4. What lessons can we learn from Abimelech’s negative example?
  5. What do you think was Abimelech’s most dangerous character flaw?
  6. What have you learned about the danger of power and greed from this passage?
  7. *What attitude should we have toward power and wealth?
  8. *How can we guard against the temptation to seek wealth and power?
  9. How has God saved you from yourself?
  10. How does this make you feel about him? What specific step could you take to protect yourself from the sin of greed?

Next Steps to Renewal

  1. What impresses you most in your church’s leaders, both locally and nationally?
  2. Are you influenced more by God’s priorities, or the world’s?
  3. How does the unseen reality of God’s present judgment encourage and challenge your view of your life and this world?
  4. *How can you keep a tight rein on the power you have over others?
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