Sermon Notes – January 15, 2023

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Is the Old Testament God Mean?

Judges Series

January 15, 2023

Pastor Val @ Renewal

Judges seems to give __________for “holy war.”

Potential Problems:

  • God’s ____________ approval of cruelty and killing
  • Certain actions cannot be ____________ from Scripture
  • God’s choice to use undisciplined and immoral men to ____________ His will

Wester vs. Eastern Concepts of Self

1                                              1

2                                              2

3                                              3

4                                              4

5                                              5

Holy War: This war is not so much theological as a __________ ideology!

Herem = Devoted to God when referred to living things means     ___________ _________!

Inclusio = ___________

Reasons for Herem

  • ___________ of Canaanites
  • ____________ of Israelites
  • _______________ of Patriarchal Promises

During the period of Judges there was no ___________ king

What was God’s Purpose(s) for War?

  • The war was not carried out on the basis of race
    • Purpose – to break down the altars of idols and ________pagan worship, not necessarily the people of a particular race.
  • The war was not carried out on the basis of imperial expansion
    • Purpose – create a __________ where the Israelites could serve and honor God
  • The war was not carried out as God’s judgment, and through direct revelation
    • Purpose – the intrusion ethic – where future judgment “__________” on the present.

What is the Bible?

  • The Bible in its entirety, is not the ___________ revelation of God’s will delivered to humankind
  • Not God’s revelation continues today on an ___________ level to what Moses, Joshua, or the Apostles.
  • Some believe that the Bible is ______divine and inerrant revelation from God
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