Fleecing God

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Fleecing God

Judges Series


Pastor Val @Renewal

Judges 6:13-40

If God is with Us… WHY?

How easy it is for us to make both of Gideon’s mistakes! First, we tend to see our troubles as ___________that God has left us, instead of asking ________ God is working in and through them for our good, as he promises to. Romans 8:28

Second, we are often waiting for God to do ______________ to us or for us, or wondering why he doesn’t use __________ to bring help. We essentially say: Lord, why don’t you __________ this problem? instead of saying: Lord, please make me the person who can ___________ this problem.

This provokes the second “disagreement.” I’m Not the _______ Choice!

But all of these fail to consider ie. take seriously either God’s __________, or his _________.

God is always ready to make us what we ought to be if we’re willing to ____________ to His will Eph. 2:10; Phil. 2:12–13; Hebrews 11.

The Angel of the Lord—Who is He?

Theophany or Christophany

Two Altars

Gideon does not only _________ a sign of Yahweh/the messenger but also ___________the nature of the sign.

Gideon decided to __________ the Lord at night when the village was asleep. Mark 4:40; Isa. 12:2

It’s worth noting that true believers can’t build an altar to the Lord unless first they tear down the altars they’ve built to the false gods they worship. Ex. 20:5

The Israelites had not abandoned worship of God for idols. They had ____________ the worship of God with idols.

Before they can throw off the enemies ____________them (the Midianites), they have to throw off the enemies ___________ them (the false idols of Canaan).

Fleecing God

Contrary to popular interpretation, this text has ___________ to do with discovering or determining the will of God.

The request for signs is not a sign of faith but of ______________. Matthew 4:5-7

Gideon was very specifically asking God to show him that he was not one of the forces of nature (like the other gods), but was _____________ over the forces of nature. He was really seeking to understand the __________of God.

“Putting out the fleece” is not a biblical method for ______________ the will of God. Gideon’s weakness only proves that He’s a gracious God who _______________ how we’re made Ps. 103:14; 1 John 5:4

This is about how we need to ask God to give us a big picture of _________ he is.

Like Gideon Our Issues Are:

Gideon’s problems lie in his lack of ____________of God and his Word

Gideon’s lack of ________ will be especially apparent in his propensity for signs. Phil. 3:1-14; Heb. 12:1; Luke 16:19-31

Obedience to this command was an important ___________ to the deliverance of the nation through Gideon.

Doubting people can be used of God, especially when they are obedient ____    ________ of their doubts and fears!

Steps to Renewal (Fleecing God)

  1. What does this passage tell us about the kind of people God uses to fulfill His purposes?
  2. What is good or bad about testing the Lord the way Gideon did?
  3. What should we do when we are not sure whether God is leading us to go a certain way?
  4. *What step do you need to take while feeling hesitant to move forward?
  5. What can you learn from this story about God’s patience and love for you?

Next Steps to Renewal

  1. What troubles are you facing? Will you see them as problems which need removing, or possible ways for God to change you and grow you?
  2. What are the false gods which are demanding that you worship them alongside the one true God?
  3. Are there parts of your life where you need to ask God to point you to his Son so that you can trust more fully in his promises?
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